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Thin Prefect confirmed for knowing Hiccup and not speaking Latin to himself

ch. 3 of How To Speak Dragonese and i’m calling the Thin Prefect as Alvin right now

Yeah, I’m not sure you could actually create a couple and put them through a whole novel… No offense, of course. It’s just, other asexual writers I’ve talked to, their couples always lacked chemistry.

Exactly. I can do something with other people’s couples because the chemistry is established and I have a knack for picking up on the relational dynamics between characters.

" mistakenly remembered them as a movie"… Okay I’m very interested now

Get thee to a library!


The Nethergrim by Matthew Jobin

Vivid prose, interesting characters, engaging plot, horses that actually behave like horses. Fantasy genre with subgenres drama, mystery, suspense, and a smattering of horror.

(This is the book I was thinking about in that post I made where the pictures were so vivid my exhausted brain mistakenly remembered them as a movie.)